Repository XML Generator


1. Sign up at github (it's free of charge).
2. Once you have a username registered on github use the repository creator here.
3. Create a new repository on github and give it the same name as the repo id you created in the previous step.
4. Download the Github Desktop app (unless you prefer command line stuff) and clone the newly created repository.
5. Download and install Python 2.7.x. Make sure it's 2.7.x and not 3.x, also if asked make sure you install IDLE.
6. Download the file and copy to the root directory of your cloned repo.
7. Using the add-on creator create an add-on and then extract the contents to the root of your cloned repo.
8. Extract the contents of your repository zip file to the root of your cloned repo (you should now have a repo folder and a plugin folder).
9. Run the file in Python IDLE. This will zip up your add-ons and create the necessary extra files.
10. Using the Github Desktop app simply commit your changes and press the sync button.

CONGRATULATIONS! By following these 10 simple steps you\'ve gone from total noob to dev!!!
Ok maybe not but hopefully this framework will help you on your development journey. For any questions please use the dedicated forum.