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Easily re-map the buttons on your remote
If you've got a remote where the buttons don't work exactly how you'd like them to then the solution is actually a lot more straight forward than you may think.

It could be something very basic like the context menu button not working or maybe you want something a little more complex... How about mapping a button to perform different functions depending on what section of Kodi is currently active (e.g. get the red button during playback to change the aspect ratio)? Well whatever you want to do it's all fairly straight forward with the excellent "Keymap Editor" add-on in the official Kodi repo.


Step 1: Install Keymap Editor
Head over to your Kodi add-ons section, click on Download and in the Program add-ons section you’ll see an add-on called Keymap Editor – install that. This should have now been installed into your "programs" section.
Step 2: Configure
Now you’ve got the add-on installed it’s just a case of navigating to the relevant sections and mapping your buttons. Let’s go through an example of how to map a button on your remote to the "context menu"…

Click on Edit – this will allow you to edit your existing key/button mappings.

Click on Global – this means you want the command you’re setting to happen no matter what section of Kodi you're in. You can override this by using the other menus, for example if you click on "Home" it will mean the button you map will only have the set behaviour if the homescreen is in focus.

Click on Navigation – there are multiple options in here but the context menu button is classed as a "navigation" command. Have a look around at all the other options, you can set a screenshot button ("other" option), have a button open directly into an add-on ("add-on" option) and much more.

Click on Context Menu – the context menu is the hidden Kodi dialog popup menu that allows you to access things like add-on settings, mark items in your library as watched etc.

Click on Edit Key – a little notification will popup for a few seconds asking you to press the button you want to map to this function. After a few seconds it will terminate and revert back to the default, you have roughly 5 seconds to complete this task.

Save changes - Once your key mapping is set press back 3 times until you’re at the main menu with Edit, Defaults, Save options. Make sure you click on save at this point otherwise you’ll lose your changes.

Technical Info:
For those of you more technically inclined that want to manually edit commands without the use of the add-on you can find full details in the official wiki here. The page is quite large but don't let that put you off, it's reasonably simple to edit once you get the hang of it and you'll find the location of your keymap.xml file in userdata/keymaps/

Take a look at the video below for further details which shows how to set the screenshot button and also set an add-on to open when a specific button is pressed.

Used to use this a lot. I never used my fast forward or rewind buttons so mapped them to my trakt watchlists for movies and tv, it is a very nice addition to your kodi interface.

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