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Standard template
Use this for any support regarding the auto-generated Standard add-on template.

The standard add-on template is for those of you who are interested in learning some of the Koding framework functions and basic development skills. There are a number of sections in the code you can uncomment and as you uncomment different sections you'll be able to see exactly what that code does. I would recommend installing the add-on into Kodi and then editing the found in your addons folder one section at a time until you fully understand what's happening and why. You should soon be able to master the basics of how to create your very own add-on without the need for any templates.

You can download the template from this link, make sure you select the standard option from the dropdown menu.

Please only use this thread for help with the actual template, if you require help with specific Python Koding functions then use the relevant "Python Koding Features" section of the forum.

Watch the video below for details on how to edit the template:


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