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Fresh instal
Hey all , I had s couple issues with fresh_instal last night, first was while checking addons dependencies, the function was not ignoring commented out imports from addon xmls. This caused an unknown addon if error as it couldn't find the addon to excluded, I also had to add an import to filetools to get refresh too work however the he found I could ctuom now runs but doesn't work or error? Any advise would be awesome.
I've never tried commenting things out in an addon.xml, does that usually work?

If you could enable debug mode (in kodi settings) on next fresh install and get a log it should explain what's failing.

I've had it fail before due to the addon being installed before some official kodi modules have had time to update so now I tend to always check for updates beside installing.

Generally nothing appears to update but it 100% has always fixed the issue for me.

Let us know how you get on.

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Wow the last message was gibberish. Bloody phone lol. Thanks mate I will have another crack later. I was for a minuite thinking it was an untested function as the "from systemtoools import refresh" was missing from filetools. Most likely user error !

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Ah thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look at that later and double check.

I had removed some stuff from places a while back when I done a big tidy up so could be I accidentally removed an important import.

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The commented out imports were in a dependency that was needed. It is odd, I also found while writing py s. If I block comment with hashs everything is fine but occasionally if I block comment the other way it fails on an indent error, delete the comment or hash it out and it's fine.

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