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Hi mate.

Hope you're good.

I noticed my ogtools is failing to install because of a dependency on verrsion 5 of resolveurl. I'm assuming this is a koding dependency?

Not sure if you're aware of the issue.

Take it easy man.

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There was a push today which allows for custom resolvers to be parsed through to the Play_Video function but no new dependencies have been added so shouldn't cause any errors. The only dependencies Koding has are ones found on the official Kodi repo.

I understand there is a new third party resolver out called resolveurl but there's no reference to it in the koding framework so I reckon it must be something else you have setup as a dependency which is relying on it. From what I understand I think it's the unofficial urlresolver fork but it's now got a new id so it doesn't get confused with the official one on the Kodi repo.
I didn't actually look at the log. It was on a Linux machine that I was setting up.

I'll dig deeper mate ta

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Ps. Just checked log and it's a Nan scrapers dependency so I'll say on telegram. Cheers mate.

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