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New Python Koding sources for your repo addon.xml
If any of you still have the paths to the old Python Koding repo in your repository addon.xml file please update it to use the new paths shown below. I no longer have access to the modules4all repo so although I think it should still work I cannot guarantee anything so the safest solution is to switch your paths to the new ones.

<info compressed="false"></info>
<datadir zip="true"></datadir>
I updated my repo xml as above, changed the repo version number, run the xml generator and done the commit to GitHub.
When on Kodi patiently waited for the repo itself to update, nothing for hours, so kept checking for updates, nowt, changed the xml version a couple more times from the start point before amending that code update, so gone from v.0.0.4 to 0.0.7 which is where it is at present on Github.
So since late on the 23 Dec no commits to Github are working on Kodi, despite the version on GIt showing a v0.0.7.
Its not causing me any problems as such at present - just a tad curious.
Pulling my teeth out without anaesthetic at the moment as cannot get an updated repo to appear on any of my setups.
So assuming the repo default xml is still good when I delete the existing lines 6 to 8 and copy and paste in the new code from above should we not also be amending line 4 which currently refers to modules4all ? Or am I a really numpty.
OK Q found the error in my code.
On the repo addon. xml at line 8 i did not have a close dir cmd. All sorted and updated.
I think it happened when I inserted the new paths and guess I deleted one line too many or the copy and paste did!
Thanks for updating us, sorry I've not been around the past few days mate.

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