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  Subtitle addon and video addon for my sites
Posted by: Xampis - 03-06-2018, 02:54 PM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - No Replies

Hello there,
I need help for two add-ons

1. Services for my subtitle site.

2. Video addon for my torrent site.

I'm willing to pay for those addons.

Can anyone please help me?

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  Fresh instal
Posted by: LesIsMor - 03-06-2018, 08:02 AM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - Replies (4)

Hey all , I had s couple issues with fresh_instal last night, first was while checking addons dependencies, the function was not ignoring commented out imports from addon xmls. This caused an unknown addon if error as it couldn't find the addon to excluded, I also had to add an import to filetools to get refresh too work however the he found I could ctuom now runs but doesn't work or error? Any advise would be awesome.

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Posted by: OptimusGREEN - 02-09-2018, 11:01 PM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - Replies (2)

Hi mate.

Hope you're good.

I noticed my ogtools is failing to install because of a dependency on verrsion 5 of resolveurl. I'm assuming this is a koding dependency?

Not sure if you're aware of the issue.

Take it easy man.

Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

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  New Python Koding sources for your repo addon.xml
Posted by: trevdev - 12-23-2017, 12:32 PM - Forum: Total Revolution - Latest News - Replies (4)

If any of you still have the paths to the old Python Koding repo in your repository addon.xml file please update it to use the new paths shown below. I no longer have access to the modules4all repo so although I think it should still work I cannot guarantee anything so the safest solution is to switch your paths to the new ones.

<info compressed="false"></info>
<datadir zip="true"></datadir>

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Posted by: jatin55 - 12-23-2017, 10:46 AM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - Replies (1)

hello lee i m getting problem installing my addon in kodi says error dependencies Aio pls hekp

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  Easily re-map the buttons on your remote
Posted by: trevdev - 12-08-2017, 07:52 PM - Forum: Other Useful Stuff - Replies (1)

If you've got a remote where the buttons don't work exactly how you'd like them to then the solution is actually a lot more straight forward than you may think.

It could be something very basic like the context menu button not working or maybe you want something a little more complex... How about mapping a button to perform different functions depending on what section of Kodi is currently active (e.g. get the red button during playback to change the aspect ratio)? Well whatever you want to do it's all fairly straight forward with the excellent "Keymap Editor" add-on in the official Kodi repo.


Step 1: Install Keymap Editor
Head over to your Kodi add-ons section, click on Download and in the Program add-ons section you’ll see an add-on called Keymap Editor – install that. This should have now been installed into your "programs" section.
Step 2: Configure
Now you’ve got the add-on installed it’s just a case of navigating to the relevant sections and mapping your buttons. Let’s go through an example of how to map a button on your remote to the "context menu"…

Click on Edit – this will allow you to edit your existing key/button mappings.

Click on Global – this means you want the command you’re setting to happen no matter what section of Kodi you're in. You can override this by using the other menus, for example if you click on "Home" it will mean the button you map will only have the set behaviour if the homescreen is in focus.

Click on Navigation – there are multiple options in here but the context menu button is classed as a "navigation" command. Have a look around at all the other options, you can set a screenshot button ("other" option), have a button open directly into an add-on ("add-on" option) and much more.

Click on Context Menu – the context menu is the hidden Kodi dialog popup menu that allows you to access things like add-on settings, mark items in your library as watched etc.

Click on Edit Key – a little notification will popup for a few seconds asking you to press the button you want to map to this function. After a few seconds it will terminate and revert back to the default, you have roughly 5 seconds to complete this task.

Save changes - Once your key mapping is set press back 3 times until you’re at the main menu with Edit, Defaults, Save options. Make sure you click on save at this point otherwise you’ll lose your changes.

Technical Info:
For those of you more technically inclined that want to manually edit commands without the use of the add-on you can find full details in the official wiki here. The page is quite large but don't let that put you off, it's reasonably simple to edit once you get the hang of it and you'll find the location of your keymap.xml file in userdata/keymaps/

Take a look at the video below for further details which shows how to set the screenshot button and also set an add-on to open when a specific button is pressed.

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  Total Revolution on social media
Posted by: trevdev - 12-08-2017, 06:40 PM - Forum: Total Revolution - Latest News - No Replies

As of today we now have twitter and facebook pages setup and the YouTube channel name has also changed.




^ Note the twitter and facebook ones are TotalR3volution and not TotalRevolution. Ideally the YouTube one would have also been called the same but that did not seem possible.

What are the new social media sites for?

All Python Koding support will still be done via this forum and the TRMC support will predominantly be done via the helpdesk, that is not going to change.

We are fully aware that some users prefer to use social media and do not use forums so posts on this forum will be automatically posted on our social media platforms and of course we'll also post up the occasional updates/announcements which we feel is important too. If you would like to share/like the pages that would be very much appreciated Smile

Please share the links with anyone you think Python Koding or TRMC would benefit, thank you.

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  Suggestions / New Updates
Posted by: trevdev - 12-07-2017, 01:42 PM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - Replies (2)

I'll update this whenever a new bug fix / update / addition has been added to the Python Koding framework.

If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see added feel free to post up details in here.

not ask for code to be added for scraping websites or resolving videos. Although I'm happy to add a few video based features if they aren't already natively available in Kodi it's not something that really interests me. There's already plenty of others out there focusing on video content so I aim to continue focusing on improving the other aspects of Kodi.

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  Framework repo
Posted by: LesIsMor - 12-05-2017, 10:55 AM - Forum: Python Koding Support & Suggestions - Replies (1)

Do we know if the repo for koding will change will there be a new one or will the old one be kept up to date? Glad this project is being kept alive , appreciate it!

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  Create your own repository
Posted by: trevdev - 12-04-2017, 05:40 PM - Forum: Add-on & Repo Templates - Replies (3)

First of all there's been a lot of confusion on what a "repository" is so let's clear that up first...

In XBMC/Kodi speak a repository originally referred to 2 separate things which worked with one another:

Example 1: "You can find the latest code on my repository"

Definition: This is the online location a developer submits their code to, 99% of the time this is a version control system (VCS) such as git or svn. Github and bitbucket are popular services to use as they are trusted (have both been around for a decade) as well as being fast and free to use.

Example 2: "To get my latest add-ons install my repository in Kodi"

Definition: This is the repository zip file that's installed into Kodi. Essentially this is just a hidden add-on who's sole task is to link up to your development repository (example 1) and it scans for the content on there and will allow users to install that content via the built-in Kodi add-on management system.

The main reason for using a repository opposed to just getting users to install a zip of your add-on is because a repository will check for updates and update the users of when newer versions are available (or auto-install if you have that option enabled in Kodi). There was a time long ago where a number of developers chose not to use a repo and it soon became a support headache as they would never be sure what version of the add-on a user had installed. As there was no way for the add-on to auto update it relied solely on the end user manually checking for updates via the support forum.

As you can see the word "repository" refers to 2 different things but they are essentially the same thing; combined together they create one global entity known as a "repository" but depending on how your phrase it you can be referring to two separate things.

Now if that wasn't already confusing enough there's another instance of the word "repository". When you add a source to file manager in Kodi a number of people refer to that as a repository, I'm old skool and will never refer to it as that - to me it always has been and always will be known as a "source".

Strictly speaking (by the definition of the word) a "repository" is grammatically correct but in Kodi terms that's not really the case. A source has nothing to do with the first 2 examples, it's just a source you add into Kodi file manager to make it easier to access and install zip files.

These sources can contain whatever content you want, a source isn't used in any way by the Kodi system unless it's a media location you've added which is used for scanning in your local video/music library. A "repository" type source literally does nothing other than offer an easy solution for the end user to temporarily access whatever content is on that server.

The most common use for these sources is to offer somewhere to host the repository zip file (example 2) and once that zip is installed the source you added is no longer needed. Kodi certainly has no interest in it and it's unlikely you'll ever need it again either. They cause no harm being on your device, it doesn't offer any kind of backdoor access and they don't take up any space, it's just down to the end users preference on whether or not they keep them. All that being said there has been at least one developer who's added checks in their add-on code which searches to see if you have their source added to your file manager and if you don't then their add-ons will auto-delete. The reason for adding this code is unclear but this is something added by the developer and Kodi itself has no influence on this.

Can I use a repository (example 1) as a source?
If using a service such as github or bitbucket the answer is no, these services do not offer indexed file hosting.

Basically a source must be a browsable indexed page, the best way to check is have a look in your web browser. It should be a very basic folder on a server which contains your files. Take a look at this example, this is created by simply uploading a few zip files to a server with an FTP client such as FileZilla (just drag and drop your files over to the server).

If you require somewhere to host your files you may be able to find a free solution but these often have strict bandwidth/hits limits so if too many people download your file(s) your account is suspended meaning the files are no longer accessible. The only real viable solution is to purchase your own hosting plan, these can be found at very reasonable rates - often from as little as $2-3 per month. Once you have a hosting plan you can use it for whatever you want, there's nothing stopping you from adding a hidden folder to the server and doubling up as a backup server for your important files/documents or even setup your very own website using free web software such as WordPress.

Full guide to creating your own repository (examples 1 & 2 covered):
I would highly recommend watching this guide from start to finish if you're thinking about creating your first add-on. This is definitely the best place to start, once you've watched this and fully understand the rest will become far easier to comprehend.

Use the link above to create your repository zip file which will automatically hook into the Python Koding framework repo.

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