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Python Koding - Support

We now have a dedicated forum for Python Koding support which you can find here. If you were previously using any other methods for support I'm afraid they are no longer being maintained so please use our new forum.

Add-on & Repository Creator

Create a working add-on and repository in just a few seconds!
When creating your first add-on there's are a lot of things which can be quite daunting, in fact there's many aspects of the initial creation which even the most experienced still mess up on a regular basis! Luckily for you some new simple tools have been created which automate the process as much as possible, eliminating the human error factor. Follow the 3 step plan below and you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. Both the add-on and repository creators check to make sure your chosen id is not already in use by another developer. Re-using existing add-on id's WILL cause conflicts so even if you don't want to use the template which is created this can still be a very useful check when creating new add-ons or repos.

Python Koding - Tutorials

Python Koding started out as a simple idea, getting a group of people together (from total noobs to upcoming devs) and try to create an add-on from scratch. This was fully documented and the shows are available via our YouTube Channel, you'll also find a lot of other Kodi based videos on there for generic (non Python) tutorials.

Season 1: Basic Python & Kodi

Season 2: Coming Soon

We hope to have season 2 taking place very soon. This season will hook into the new Python Koding framework as we look to create a fully working add-on for a popular website. We are open to suggestions but it has to be a website which is going to stand the test of time and not change much (so these guides can remain as relevant as possible for anyone following months/years down the line). The original/current plan is to take a look at creating a Wikipedia add-on together.

The Python Koding Framework

After doing season 1 of the tutorials it soon became apparent there's a lot of functions which are often used in Kodi add-on development but they don't exist natively. Numerous developers have spent many hours/days/weeks creating code specific to their add-on when in fact it makes much more sense to create a universal framework with those features that everyone can hook into.

Well that's what's been taking place over the past few months, the framework will continue to get new features over the coming months and is far from the finished article but it now makes add-on development very simple. If you're interested in supporting the project with pull requests you can view the source code here.

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Unique Features

TV Guide
Social Sharing
Easy Setup Wizard
Live Messaging
Auto Synchronise Setups
Remotely Update Firmware
Target Individual Devices
Target Devices En-Masse
Advertising Opportunities
Full Branding Options
Plus MUCH More!

Extended Shelf Life

Our unique features allow sellers to easily configure their devices with full branding directly from their admin panel with automated updates taking place immediately when the customer connects their unit to the internet. Devices can now safely sit in storage for as long as you need, the content is only installed when a user powers up their device for the first time and you get to choose what content they receive. We are the first software solution to offer the ability to configure devices without the need to even open the box - saving you valuable time and money. Simply order from your manufacturer and send out directly to your customer, it really is that simple!

In a nutshell

We could go on and on but you get the idea… we’re constantly adding new features/improvements, the product is feature rich and you'll be supported by a development team with decades of experience in this field. In addition to all these great benefits our product offers a variety of legally sound and pre-configured solutions, ideal for reputable outlets not wanting to be tarred with the same brush as certain "fully loaded kodi box" sellers.